Team Mosaic Completes 7th Annual Build for CANstruction

Team Mosaic, led by our two team captains, Carrie Ann Spitz and Amanda Vottis, completed this year’s canstructure for the 7th straight CANstruction competition. The CANstruction competition takes place annually at the New York State Museum in downtown Albany, New York. This year, 16 teams competed to design and build a canstructure that fit the theme, “Go Team!” Team Mosaic designed and constructed a March Madness themed basketball and trophy.

Along the way, Team Mosaic fundraised to help make this build a reality. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their generous support as we work together to help end hunger!

Carrie Ann Spitz, Eugene the Flamingo & Amanda Vottis
Thank you to all of our sponsors!


Canstructures will be on display on the fourth floor of the museum from March 8-22, 2017. After the these dates, the teams will deconstruct their builds and all food used to build these structures will be donated to The Food Pantries for the Capital District.

We encourage you to visit the museum and check out these amazing and creative designs put together for a fantastic cause!

Team Mosaic


Awards Night